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What a Typical Soul Star Reiki Healing Session Looks Like

Updated: May 1

A woman receiving Reiki.

What a typical In-Person session looks like with me.

I generally start by getting to know you a little bit and what has drawn you to getting a Reiki session. It is not necessary to fully discuss what issues you may be facing but some people like to and I want to provide space for this. This is also an opportunity for you to share what your intention for your session is. Again, it is not necessary, but by sharing your intention with me I can also reinforce your intention throughout the session as I work with your energy.  

Just before we get started, I will have you pick out the crystals and stones you most feel attracted to. For some of you I will then do some work on your aura while you are standing, and for some I will do this after you lay down. 

Once you have picked your stones and you have laid down I will do a temperature check with you and as long as you are not overly warm I will put a light sheet or cover on you as well as a light piece of fabric over your eyes. This gives you some privacy, and helps reduce light stimulus to help you fully relax. 

I will then give you a verbal overview of what to expect during your session. Including where I will place my hands, provided you are comfortable with light touch, and where I will place the stones. I will inform you how to communicate with me during the session, should you need to physically move, in order to not drop/break the stones placed on you. 

I will then prepare myself energetically by connecting to the flow of Reiki and creating an energetically safe space for myself and you, the client. I will usually play some sort of sound or music that is without lyrics and is repetitive or monotonous so as to prevent disturbance or hooking your attention while also creating an immersive soundscape.

I will verbalize when and where I am placing stones on and around your body, and I will verbalize once the session has officially begun. 

I do not generally communicate verbally to you during the session. I want to create an environment where you can completely relax and go deep into yourself and the session.

During the session I move energy with my hands, some special crystal tools, and some sound tools that could be considered shamanic. During the session I get your energy flowing strong, smooth, vibrantly, and in healthy patterns. I also ground your energy and “seal” the Reiki and crystal energy around you. All of this combined creates an environment of healing for you, as you come into balance. And, because I seal the energy around you, many people will continue to receive healing hours and days after their session has ended.

Most sessions last about an hour. Once your session is done, I will lightly touch you on your shoulder to notify you the session is done and inform you of my intention to remove the stones I have placed on and around you. Once the stones are removed you can sit up, have a drink of water, and once you are ready you can (if you want) share your experience with me and then I will share my experience with you, or vice versa. 

Many experiences are possible during a session and no two will be exactly alike. Many clients report feeling lighter and very relaxed. Some report seeing colors, having visions, having some sense that relationship issues or life problems will somehow work out positively. Many clients also report physical sensations of heat, cold, pulsation, vibration, feeling like there are more than one set of hands on them. And yet others may just fall into a deep and restorative sleep. It is all normal and you will receive exactly what you need at the time of your session. 

Before we part ways, I will give you some aftercare instructions.

I generally recommend having some time and space to yourself following a session. This is to give you time to be introspective, but also in many cases it takes some time for the healing energy to fully integrate into your system. Wanting to sleep more or earlier than usual after a session is very normal and encouraged as your body’s healing capabilities have been engaged and much work is happening at a cellular level. Some folks, however, will feel very energized from the session. It really all depends on what level of your Being that needs some healing and support.  


What a typical Distant Session looks like with me

When you book a distant session with me you will have the option to meet by text, phone, or video. As far as the actual session goes the only big difference between the three options is if you are wanting to pick out your stones.

We will set a date and time to meet energetically, and I typically send a reminder 1-2 hrs before our session.

Anytime you are doing a distant session I recommend setting yourself up to have the best experience possible. 

This includes:


  • Reclining or fully laying down somewhere you feel comfortable and can fully relax. 

  • Turning your devices to “do not disturb” and notifying family members to not disturb you during this time.

  • You may need or want to put pets outside of the room, however sometimes this is a bigger disturbance if your pet will be crying or scratching at the door. (Just let me know if your pet will be with you or on you.) 

  • If meeting by text, adding any relaxing music that does not hook your attention with lyrics or a strong variance of pitches/tones and instruments.

  • Using a safe candle, incense, or essential oil diffuser. This can be done before your session also, rather than having something burning while your eyes are closed. 

  • Bringing any crystals or sacred items to be near or on yourself during the session.

  • Adding anything that will make the session sacred and healing for you, or help you have a relaxed frame of mind.

By Text

At the time of our session I will send you some simple instructions to prepare yourself to receive the session, followed by a text that your session has begun. 

I will then send you a text that your session has ended, and give you the opportunity to share anything that came up for you during the session and I will share my perceptions from working with your energy. 

I will send you a photo of the crystal grid I created for your session. And, sometimes I will pull an oracle card for you, a message you “need to hear”, followed by some aftercare instructions. 

By Phone

Meeting by phone is nearly identical to meeting by text except everything will be verbalized and I can play music from my end for you to listen to.

I will still send you a photo of the crystal grid and any oracle cards pulled on your behalf.

By Video

When we meet by video you will have the opportunity to pick out the crystals you want included in your session. 

I will play music, guide you into a relaxed state, and I will verbally notify you once the session has officially begun.

Once the session starts you will hopefully be relaxed with closed eyes and usually I am working with my back to the screen so you do not need to feel that I am watching you but you are also welcome to turn your screen off or point it away from yourself.

I will then notify you once the session has ended and we can chat by video about your experience and mine. 

I will show you your crystal grid and card, but I will also send you a photo.  


I hope this is helpful, to have an idea of what to expect during a session with me. Please feel free to reach out with questions.

Warm Wishes,


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