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About Reiki

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We as humans are energetic beings, with electric charges and even our own "pacemaker"in the heart that sends out an electrical impulse to make our heart beat. Neurons in our brains send out an electrical signal to communicate information and instructions for our bodies to function. Our muscles relax and contract based on the movement from positive and negative particles moving in and out of the cells. Human beings along with all other living beings have an electromagnetic field (known as a biofield or aura) that surrounds us contributing to our health or lack of health. Each of these points are scientific facts, and we still have so much more to learn. 

Reiki is a form of energy healing that works to create balance in an unbalanced being. The energy that is used in Reiki is not the energy of the person giving the Reiki. The energy known as Reiki is also known as Life Force energy. In other words it is what animates all living beings, from plants to animals all living beings have Life Force energy. This energy is even present in some "non-living" things such as crystals, ancient structures like temple ruins, water, and the earth itself. This energy is known by different names throughout cultures and history. It is known as Chi, Ki, Prana, Vital Force, Life Force, Divine Spark, and Reiki to name a few. 

Since this energy is all around us, every living being has access to it. The only difference between a person who gives Reiki and a person who does not, is that the person who is "trained" in Reiki has become a better channel for this energy. Every person is capable of giving Reiki, however not every person is a clear channel for it. The best way I can explain this is by analogy, Reiki or Life Force energy is like the socket/plug on the wall, and you are a lamp, the person giving Reiki acts as the cord between the plug and the lamp, providing the energy that allows the lamp to light up. If the cord is crimped or damaged the right amount of energy will not get to the lamp so the bulb may not light up or it will flicker as the energy ebbs and flows. The truth is that since we are energetic beings living in an energetic world our personal energy can become unbalanced. While this can also be true to a degree for a Reiki practitioner our training has aligned our energy in such a way as to be a channel for sharing this energy. 

Most illness begins as an energetic imbalance. As time progresses the energetic disturbance becomes a physical disturbance which is known as illness and disease. An energetic disturbance can be trauma, living in a negative environment, negative self-talk, guilt and/or shame, not ever feeling like you are enough, and so on. As you can see by these examples, many are common occurrences in this modern life. Additionally, there is no physical ailment that is not also happening on an energetic level at the same time. An example of this would be injury, it may start physically but as humans our energy is intertwined with our physicalness so there will be an acute energetic imbalance as a result to injury. Surgery is another example of injury, while it may not be an accident the physical injury creates an acute energetic injury.  


Reiki is used to help bring energetic balance back into the recipients energy field which leads to many beneficial outcomes. For some recipients this looks like faster and easier healing times with less swelling and pain from surgery or injury. For others its being supported on their healing journey back to themselves from illness, trauma, not living authentically, and even weight gain. And still for others, it is helping them accept what they can not change, such as death, disfigurement, or a fatal disease and helps them to more fully enjoy the time they have left in this amazing life. Reiki can do all this because at our core we are energy, so this allows Reiki to heal on the physical, mental, and emotional level. The really special thing to know about Reiki is that it will always go where you most need it to go. What this means is that you may have an illness as a result of guilt and shame, while Reiki will work to balance the physical illness, it will also work to heal the guilt and shame that caused the illness in the first place. 


Lastly, it is important to know that the recipient of Reiki does not need to have any particular set of beliefs for Reiki to work. There is no religion or entity that you have to believe in to receive Reiki, and receiving Reiki does not negate your religion or religious beliefs. As long as you are open/willing to receiving Reiki, you will benefit, this is the only requirement. 

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