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Intuitive & Holistic Coaching is Here!

•What would your life look like if you felt amazing in your body, mind, and spirit?

•How would it feel to live with purpose & intention that is aligned with who you really are?

•Would you like to show up fully as the creator of your own story, every day?

•What would your life look like if you could tap into and be guided by your innate self-love and personal power?

•How fantastic would it feel to live a life of miracles, serendipity, and synchronicity?  

Not only do you deserve to feel this way about your life, it is easier to find than you might think.

Holistic Health, Self-Care, & Lifestyle Design Coaching
with Energy Healing

Offering 1-on-1 Transformative Health, Self-Care, & Lifestyle Design Coaching sessions

to help you get and stay aligned in your BEST Life.


As an RN & Coach (Nurse Coach), and Energy Alchemist

I am here to help you:

•Set Attainable Goals,

•Break Through Limited Thinking,

•Explore Your Biggest Dreams,

•Nix Habits that are Holding You Back,

•Identify What Your Obstacles to Success Are and Help You Figure Out How to Move Past Them

•Offer You Accountability,

•Cheer You On for All Your Wins - Big AND Small,

•Support & Encourage Your Growth,

•Foster Your Self-Love, Confidence, & Inner Peace,

•Help You Find Your True North & Discover Your Soul Purpose,

•Assist You in Creating a Life You Love SO MUCH You Never "Need a Vacation" From It.


Whether you need support getting your health back on track, prioritizing your self-care, or crafting your most fulfilling life, I am here to help you do that and more!


Combining Coaching with Energy Healing offers true and lasting transformation!


• 3, 6, & 13 month packages w/Reiki available • 


I take your privacy seriously. I will never discuss our coaching in a way that identifies you to another client or individual. We will meet through HIPPA compliant software, if not in person. Any on-line or in-person coaching will be done in a private place free from possible third-party listening. All of your personal information is stored in a HIPPA compliant platform (Practice Better). Even your review will be private as I will only use your initials and no photo, ever.

My commitment to your privacy gives you the space to feel safe enough to be exactly who you are, to address the topics and concerns that may feel uncomfortable but will move the needle closer to your best life. 


I honor the fact that you and I have come to this life to be different people and have a wide variety of experiences. While I may not chose certain aspects of who you are or what you do as a way I would live my own life, I respect you as an individual who is having your own journey. And how boring would life be if we were all alike anyways. 

You are a Multi-dimensional Being

When we work together I combine intuitive coaching with emotional release work, visualization work, and energy healing. Coaching alone is a powerful modality to create desired outcomes. However, with the addition of releasing trapped emotions from the past that may be blocking your success or hindering your decision making, guiding you to visualize what you do want, AND clearing and balancing your energy (body) your journey into your dream life will be accelerated. 

Individualized Coaching & Treatment

I do not use a template, or any kind of cookie cutter approach to working with you! You are a unique expression of the divine creator. As such, I work with you exactly where you are at and seek out the best approach to get you closer to your dreams. 


My coaching container is a Safe Space where you can be you! I have been around the sun a few times and I have made plenty of mistakes and even some colossal failures! One of the biggest lessons I have learned through these experiences is to give myself grace and love myself anyways, and so I naturally extend grace and love to you as well. We are here to learn and grow, making mistakes or having failures are a sign you are trying!  

Bodacious Belief

I see the sparkling soul within the person you are. When you join my coaching container my belief in your success is big and powerful, and it can guide you into the bold Self belief you need to step up to your highest and brightest soul expression.  

Radical Honesty

I am here to serve you and the only way for me to be in service to you crafting your best life is by being lovingly honest! I am not here to be liked by you or to be your friend, I am here to help you get to the next level in your life.. and sometimes that means respectfully having difficult conversations that are always aimed at your big picture outcomes.

The reality is that sometimes our subconscious mind is really running the show or making the decisions for us. This is fine when your subconscious mind is not operating from fear or self-protection, but when it is we may be blind to seeing or understanding why we are doing things that go against what our conscious mind wants (goals, dreams, etc). As a guide in your growth, it is easier for me to see where self-sabotage, low self-esteem, or self-worth is showing up and point it out. This can feel bad to hear, but it is always in your best interest because once you know you can be aware of your own blind spots to stop getting out of your own way in crafting your best life.     

My Coaching Container Offers:

Why consider coaching with me?

You are more powerful than you could ever know, and I know it first-hand. A shift in mindset coupled with empowered-Self practices helped me rewrite my future to live with purpose and passion. To make the leap to live authentically and seek out the experiences that fill my heart, even if they didn't make sense to friends and family. To wake up every day and love the person I see in the mirror, even when life is hard or there is uncertainty. To move through life knowing I am in touch with my soul's purpose to be an agent of change and support in order to help other women turn their dreams into reality by becoming empowered and aligned.  


I know that if I can shift my mindset, you can too. I know that if I can prioritize my wellbeing, you can too. I know that if I can step into my most aligned, powerful, and authentic Self, you can too. I know that if I can live with a heart full of love and joy, you can too. I am here to hold this space of magic for you to explore your deepest desires and wildest dreams.

I am a BSN Registered Nurse of 7+ years, a graduate of the Nurse Coach Collective coaching program, a yogini of 17+ years, a yoga teacher of  7+ years, a daily meditator of 10+ years, an energy practitioner and teacher of 9+ years, and an eternal student of life.


When you step into the coaching container with me, I bring all of my experience and background along with my commitment to keep learning, growing, and expanding myself to be the best coach I can be, in order to serve your growth, health, and dreams powerfully! 

Kerri in Morocco.JPG
Woman by the Water

Who are you?

You are a motivated woman in your late-twenties to mid-fifties. You've accomplished a lot, but something is still missing.

•Your health, self-care, and/or wellbeing are not where they need to be for you to feel your best or fully show up in your own life.


•The magic and sparkle in life has faded or it was all smoke and mirrors to begin with because you've been living someone else's dream.


•Perhaps you've lost connection with your most authentic and loving Self, or you still haven't met her.


•There is a longing inside you to reach an unknown potential or purpose.

•You have dreams and goals but you don't know how to get from here to there, or you lack a supportive network and/or environment.


•You just feel like some unseen limit is preventing you from making the money you know you can make, having the relationship you know you're worth, feeling good in your body, or truly reaching your maximum potential in one or even several areas of life. Something is out of alignment, and holding you back.  


•You are willing to invest in your own growth and wellbeing by putting in the time and doing the work to achieve your healthiest and best life.

You have one life and limited time in your body on this earth. 

You get to write your story, will it be one of fulfillment and joy or one of longing and knowing there is something more but never reaching it? 


I combine transformative and intuitive coaching with energy healing and emotional release work for a holistic approach that gets you results.

Client Appreciation

Colorful Flowers
Orange Flower Bouquet


"It was awesome. I loved how you truly took in all the aspects of my life and well-being and reflected back incredibly useful suggestions. I’m capable of more than I thought I was in terms of organizing my time. A little guidance, reflection, and accountability goes a long way!" -MD
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