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My Reiki Story

Updated: May 1

I had heard of Reiki before I felt any interest in learning or experiencing the practice. In fact, I recall a woman whom was regularly in a yoga class that I would often attend, giving me her business card. The image was very woo-woo and frankly it was a turn-off as I geared up to head to nursing school in pursuit of my BSN. Little would I know that a few years later Reiki would transform my entire internal compass and direction in life.

Woman getting Reiki.
Woman receiving Reiki energy healing.

Fast forward several years. I somewhat suddenly got the urge to learn Reiki. I had never had a session, nor did I really know the nuts and bolts of the practice, but I wanted to learn it, and now! Once I made that decision, the universe conspired to put everything into place for me and thus, my Reiki story started. I found the teacher. I had the time. I had the money. So, I did it! And... I was hooked!

As luck would have it, I was able to do all three levels over the course of 5-6 months to become a Master/Teacher level. I was fortunate to have people around me along the way who let me share Reiki with them and by doing so my ability to work with the energy grew. And, I grew. My newfound love, Reiki, cracked my entire perception wide open. Even though many years have past, I can still remember the exact moment when I knew this to be true. I was laying on the floor of my living room and had just done some yoga.. as I lay there, I allowed my energy to get bigger and bigger until the entire earth was inside of me. Not me-me, of course, but the energetic me. I had done this several times before but this time I had the realization of how my own choices and actions had directed my life to that point. Some of those choices and actions were good... but others not so good, and I had allowed myself to live in victim-hood as a result. Words can not express how liberating it was to know in that moment that it was me, all along. Truth be told some of it was a hard pill to swallow, but that knowledge gave me the freedom to create moving forward.

For me, Reiki is not just a practice. It is a way of life which has lent so much beauty and wonder. It has armed me with a very real way to help the people, animals, and plants around me. When crazy or bad things happen in the world, I can do something, I can send Reiki to the place or situation. When I look backwards, I can see that I learned Reiki when my soul was ready for it. And, if you're here now, chances are high that you are ready for Reiki too.

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