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What is Reiki?

Updated: Mar 11, 2023

It's a question that is simple enough, "What is Reiki". The truth is, Reiki falls into that category that can sometimes make us feel a little uncomfortable, The Unknowable. It is everywhere at once, and yet only a few can see, sense, or feel it. It is not dependent on belief as it works to help believers and non-believers alike. It is the journey and not the destination. It JUST IS. And frankly, I suspect it is much larger than any Reiki practitioner or receiver of Reiki can really even conceptualize.

Yes, it's that unknowable.

However, part of the beauty of Reiki lies in the fact that we as practitioners turn over the healing to a higher power. We are not "giving" Reiki, we are merely a vessel through which Reiki flows. It is the surrender and trust that regardless of the experience the person receiving Reiki will get exactly what they need, which adds to the mystery to this beautiful and unknowable force.

Reiki can do No Harm

It is an interesting idea in a world where the difference between harm and no harm is a decision or conviction. Reiki, however, by nature is not part of this dualility. It is pure. It is love of the highest vibration. Love is incapable of harm, love does not even know the meaning of such a concept.

Reiki is Love

Well there are many ideas, concepts, and theories. I believe Reiki is the purest love that is so rich, so vast, and so all-encompassing that our limited human brains and bodies can just barely begin to understand Reiki's un-know-able-ness.

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