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The Root Chakra, Muladhara

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The red root chakra symbol.
Root Chakra Symbol

The Root Chakra is generally considered the 1st of the seven main chakras.

Muladhara, the Sanskrit name for this chakra means “Root Support” and is truly representative of our foundational needs to be rooted and supported, giving us a strong foundation which we can move forward in our lives with.

The main focus of this chakra is “Physical Existence” and it governs our basic survival needs such as nourishment and shelter, as well as emotional interconnectedness.  A healthy, open, vibrant Root Chakra leads to a sense of stability and safety, vitality, prosperity, grounded-ness, and lack of fear in foraging ahead in life and overcoming obstacles. There is also a connection between our financial abundance and a strong healthy root chakra since we can move towards our goals in a supported and fearless way. When the Root Chakra is out of balance a person can experience disorders of elimination, anxiety, spaciness/ungrounded-ness, chronic fear, and financial problems. 

Ways to help keep the Root Chakra balanced:

  • Red is the color which is associated with the Root Chakra, visualizing the color red at the base of the tailbone, wearing red and eating red foods can all contribute to a healthy Root Chakra. 

AI generated image of a girl wearing a big red hat, wearing a red top, in a red room.

  • LAM is the seed sound of the Root Chakra and can be chanted to help strengthen and balance this fundamental chakra. 

AI Image of girl wearing red, sitting in meditation with the seed sound mantra "LAM' written.

  • Gemstones that resonate with this energy center are: garnet, ruby, red jasper, and fellow red-colored gemstones, all can be worn or kept in your pockets, as well as meditated with.

  • Essential Oils that can be worn or diffused in your space are vetiver, patchouli, and sandalwood. 

AI generated image of essential oil bottle with plant matter.

  • Affirmations are another powerful tool to work with your chakras.  When we begin an affirmation with “I am” we bring the words following into our experience. Here are a few to help with the Root Chakra: 

Root Chakra Affirmations
Root Chakra Affirmations - I can be downloaded :)

  • Yoga can also not only help strengthen our Root Chakra energy center it can also help us find overall balance. The following asana or postures are beneficial for our foundational root chakra:

• Warrior 2

• Forward Fold

• Child's Pose

• Bridge Pose

  • Reiki either a Self-practice or receiving a treatment can help clear, rejuvenate, and balance the Root Chakra. Regular energy work with this chakra can help bring an overall sense of internal peace and balance into our lives.

AI generated image of girl sitting and holding a heart, with hearts and leaves in background.

Implementing any of these tools is a great way to help bring stability and balance into your Root Chakra. You can choose one or two or you can combine many of them to fit what resonates with you and trust that what you are called to include is because it is the most beneficial for you. 

Are you interested in learning Reiki to start your own Self-care practice?

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