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Your Soul Star Chakra is known as the Seat of Your Soul &

 it's the compass for your True North in this lifetime. 

At your most aligned and authentic Self

you are in touch with your life purpose, you live with meaning, and life flows gracefully.


When you are out of energetic alignment, life can be difficult and you may feel lost, stuck, uncomfortable in your own skin, knowing there is something more but not being able to reach it, lacking in direction or drive, and just overall not living a fulfilling and happy life. On top of this you may have unresolved illness or traumas, digestive issues, overwhelm, poor sleep, and a lack of energy that also seem to be holding you back!


When you work with me, my goal is to get you back into balance! I work with your energy by clearing out stuck, stagnant, and unhelpful energy that may be holding you back; clearing, refreshing, and connecting 9-10 of your main energy centers known as Chakras; & clearing, connecting, aligning, and sealing your auric field where most dis-ease begins.


When your energy is cleared, connected, and flowing you feel better and life feels easier. 

If you're ready to live Your Best Life,
I am here to help you!

Welcome to Soul Star Reiki!


Reiki By Kerri

Hello! I'm so happy you've found Soul Star Reiki! I learned Reiki while I was in school getting my BSN. As the universe often does, it made space in my life to be able to learn this amazing practice! To be honest, at the time I had various stress-related health issues which lingered no matter what I did, so I really learned Usui Reiki just to give it to myself. Admittedly, I felt I had so many personal breakthroughs, not just with my health getting better but also really seeing the bigger picture in my life and becoming accountable for where I found myself in all areas of my life. Reiki was the catalyst for a total transformation.

Reiki has been such a blessing to me that I have a strong desire and drive to share it with the rest of the world!

I am an Advanced Reiki Therapist (ART) and Certified Teacher/Master level Traditional Usui Reiki Practitioner,

I offer Reiki used in conjunction with Crystal Healing, Quantum Chromotherapy, and other Quantum techniques. 

Reiki is one of my biggest passions & for me it's a way of Life!

I would LOVE to share Reiki with YOU! 

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Rock Maze

Why try Reiki? 

Sometimes life can bring disharmony to our Being, like a musical instrument out of tune.


Reiki helps to balance your energy so that you are once again a harmonized symphony creating the unique song your soul came here to sing. 

My Services


In-Person Crystal Reiki
•Austin, Texas•

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