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What you need to know for your Reiki session

On the day of your appointment plan to arrive/attend neither hungry, nor with a full belly, and be well hydrated. It is best to pick a day where you have some flexibility after your session to relax as you feel called. 


We will set a mutual date/time when you can be in a relaxed state to fully receive the session.

I will notify you at the beginning and end of the session. 

There will be time before and after the session to talk as needed about intentions and/or experiences. Plan to set aside ~1.5 hrs for the entire meeting and try to allow yourSelf some quiet time after for introspection. 


For distance sessions you have the option to meet by text, phone, or video call. 

You are welcome and encouraged to create a space for yourSelf that is relaxing, free of distractions, and as sacred as you feel called to make it. It is best to be somewhere that you can lay down or recline with your physical body fully supported.

Make sure you drink plenty of water and eat nourishing foods after your session. 

Some people will experience physical sensations such as heat, cold, twitching, buzzing/vibrating, the sensation of hands, or deep sighing during their session. People also report visualizations of colors or images, feelings of love, peace, or resolution arising, and others will simply feel relaxed. All of it is normal and it is best to enter a session without an expectation or judgement around what does or doesn't arise for you. With the exception of a focused healing attunement session (and even then) Reiki will go where it is most needed. Sometimes that is on a physical level, mental level, emotional level, or energetic level, and can be all of them or any combination at once. For example you have knee pain, knee pain is associated with fear, so while we may focus on your physical knees and the pain you have been experiencing, the Reiki will also address the fear component to work toward healing both the root cause and the symptom(s). 

Sometimes, a person may experience a sort of cleansing or purging of the physical body as a response to the movement of energy during the session. While not everyone will have this experience, this is very normal and this is your bodies way of moving out stagnation to achieve health/balance. There may also be an instance where a Reiki session brings an impending illness (such as something viral) to the surface to resolve it quicker. This can look like, not feeling "bad" but also not feeling "good", and then becoming acutely sick right after your appointment. The illness is already there, but the session pushes it to the surface to heal it faster, and get you back to a healthy state. Please do not expect this, just know if it does occur it is your body moving into balance.

I will not give you a diagnosis or interpret the meaning of either of our experiences for a session. Many people have sensations during a Reiki session, this is due to the movement of energy and the body/spirit coming into balance. I will share my experience in giving you Reiki as a description, but it is up to you to interpret that information as I will not give a diagnosis or defined meaning. For example, you or I may see or sense a particular color, what this color means to me can be different then what this color means to you as we all form our thoughts and ideas around our experiences. Therefore it would be limiting for me to tell you what that color means as it would merely be a reflection of the meaning my experiences have given it. I do, on occasion receive a message that I feel I am supposed to share with you, in which case I will, but it is up to you to decide what that message means for you.

Please seek medical attention by a qualified healthcare specialist for any illness or injury. Reiki is a wonderful adjunct to other medical treatments but is not recommended as a replacement for actual medical care, especially in acute/urgent situations. Please understand that the use of terms like "healing" do not mean you will be "cured" of any diseases or injuries and I am in no way making that claim. Reiki is a wonderful tool for supporting you on your healing journey but please act responsibly for your own wellbeing.   

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