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Expansion Package

Available Online

Get Juicy and Expanded

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • We will meet by text, phone, or video

Service Description

2 Crystal Reiki + 1 Psychic Attunement - Get aligned and expanded. Two ~60 min Crystal Reiki Sessions to get your energy clear, balanced, and grounded and One Psychic Attunement to help expand/open your psychic abilities. **Must book Crystal Reiki before the Psychic Attunement, with the second Crystal Reiki in the same week or same appointment as Psychic Attunement. Crystal Reiki: The combination of Crystal energy, Quantium Chromotherapy energy, and Reiki make for a beneficial session to help you on your healing journey. Psychic Attunement: This is a short but powerful session that helps to remove any blockages to your 3rd Eye and/or Crown Chakras. This session is specifically to nurture psychic abilities & intuition. The Psychic Attunement is followed by a short full body Reiki session. ​*Because it is necessary for a person to be grounded in their body/reality this session can only be performed on persons who I know have their lower chakras clear and strong* Crystal Reiki - $108/session ($216) Psychic Attunement - $88.00 You save $16.00 by booking together. When you buy this package you will receive a confirmation email with info on booking and managing your sessions.

Cancellation Policy

Please Cancel and/or Reschedule at least 24 hours before your set day and time.

Contact Details

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